Little Prince comic

Again, this was an assignment for college - our class was meant to illustrate a sequence from a book of our choice and bind a book. My choice was The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Originally I planned to make illustrations along with some text, until my teacher gave me thumbs up to do a comic. Something I haven't had much time for during college.

Originally I was planning to add color or pencil/graphite shading to the comic, but unfortunately I ran out of time. I think I still might color/shade this over the summer, as I didn't get some of the atmosphere across as I wanted.
I had to summarize the story a bit as well, hope you enjoy it nevertheless. Please click the thumbnails to enlarge! :B

As long as I have tried to become a cartoonist, I was surprised to realize that this 12-page comic is actually the longest comic I've managed to draw.

Feel free to give me any suggestions you might have, since I might still work on the shading and color. Cheers! :)


  1. Hot damn buns this is Beautiful.

    ...yes, I have nothing else to say. I'd have to find my eyes first to see what I'm typing, because you blew them away. Literally. Eyes. On the floor.

  2. so... you've never finished a 24h comic? even participated?

    your style is so cuuuuute aah i^i

  3. No, I've never participated in 24h comic (although thought about it), I keep getting distracted by sleep. XD MAYBE SOME DAY.

    And thanks a bunch! :D

  4. i think when you add the color or shading it will come out very well because you have very solid linework under it all. You have a nice sensitive touch to your inked lines that adds a lot of personality even to the borders.

    What I really like is the pacing you have throughout the piece and that you know when to let a panel breathe. Page 4 the second panel has that nice dark framework which really encloses and oppresses the Prince, underscoring his mood, and page 5 has the open section of the 5th panel which opens the mood back up. It's all very nice. I'd love to see a full Little Prince comic from you. I'd definitely buy it, even if it was just this one section with the fox (one of my favorite sections too!).

  5. Mon Dieu....your art moved me nearly to tears ! This is exactly how I imagined the book in my head while I was reading it...you draw the Little Prince's expressions and feelings so well, and the fox is simply delightful...and what a section to draw !! This section, with the fox and the roses, was always one of my favorites... you are an amazing artist. :)) Thank you for this wonderful comic; it made my heart sing.:)