dog gesture doodles

Had to take my dog to the vet over the weekend, and we had to queue for over 4 hours. Luckily my dad had a tiny notepad and a ballpoint pen with him, so I could kill the time a bit.
I've been needing to practice drawing animals anyway. (Hence why these are dreadful.)

There was also a 15-year-old dachshund, who wouldn't leave Benja (my dog) alone.


  1. AAaaa the second one in the top row is so very PROSH and very DOG. Hahaha fail @ communication. Anyway these are lovely.

  2. Haha! Not sure what prosh means, but I know "very DOG" has to be good!
    Thanks Ani! : D

  3. http://cuteoverload.com/page/glossary/ - I found the cute overload glossary for words like "prosh" and "baroo".

  4. And suddenly I've become more civilized. : D
    Thanks for the link! XD