Creme in fancy dress

I tried to finish this (in flash), but I kept not being happy with the result. I might give this another go later on. I always seem to be happier with my work at sketch-stage. :C
When I start cleaning up a picture, it loses something... SOMETHING.



  1. I often get that same feeling, especially when inking. The picture just gets...stagnant. Dead. BORING.

    But I guess it has a lot to do with the way we perceive motion. An object/person in motion is never completely sharp the way a stagnant item is.
    For example, in your post "Timid Creme" the sketch is a whole load livelier than the one inked. In the sketch you've used a whole load more lines, whereas the inked has pretty constant lines without much variation in the volume, making it look more, well, stagnant.

    I've lately deliberately tried to avoid inking too 'clean'. It might look a bit messier, but it preserves the feel of movement a little better. :) I personally love the 'fluid' feeling your sketches always have.

  2. I completely understand where you're coming from!! I notice that any time I move beyond the rough it's like I tense up and my mindset strays from the "I love this it's so fun!" setting to the "Oh god I'm going to screw this up!!" one. Maybe if you worked over a copy instead of an original? Drank some rum?? Vodka?? Mmm... Rum... (I'm not an alcoholic...)

  3. Your perception of the female figure is oh so good!

  4. Eve, my inking actually used to be CLEANER than what it is now. Which not only resulted with mega-stiff linework, but a sore wrist from tensing it so much to get a "perfect line". I sometimes still need to remind myself to not make things too clean.

    Trish, I usually try to work on a copy, as I don't trust myself not to ruin my original sketch. XC Perhaps I'll try vodka or wine some day... Not sure if alcohol will put me on a working mood though. :D

    And thanks Zach! :D