Handbasket - diner

Handbasket at a diner - lineart
I’ve procrastinated enough to put this up, although I drew this months ago. Around February or March. Never got around coloring it (actually started, and hated it and sank in to a slump). I draw these guys every now and then, mostly out of nostalgia.
  These teenage-jerk-bags found a high school band called the Handbasket. If I ever made a comic of them, it’d be pretty much be about their retarded teenage-adventures. And the other two band-members (Sylvian and Leo) putting up with their megalomaniac pseudo-feminine vocalist (Deeca) who wants to make it big in the music business some day.
  Not sure if I’ll ever get around to making a comic about them. Problems being I’m lazy and suck at writing scripts.

First rough sketch of Deeca's face for the "Diner" picture
Expression sheet: Deeca
Expression sheet: Sylvian
 Unfortunately my slump hit me around when I was going to do an expression sheet of Leo. OH WELL.

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